Covid-19 and the Surgeon

Covid-19 and the Surgeon

Friends it gives me great pleasure in writing my first thoughts on my relaunched website. Surgical conditions may require Elective or planned operations or fall into the category of Emergencies wherein you need an urgent or immediate surgery I will put a few of the general queries I get from my patients as regards the right approach in times of Covid.

1. Doctor, I have severe stomach pain what should I do?

Few common causes of stomach/abdominal pain may subside by themselves like indigestion, acidity, etc., but for the rest of the persistent symptoms, it is advisable to consult your family physician or nearest hospital emergency where preliminary evaluation and surgical consultation can be obtained. At least an Ultrasound scan whole abdomen has to be done to rule out major issues and prevent complications.

2. I am a middle-aged person with Diabetes Mellitus and my leg is swollen with redness and pain and fever.

This is no time for delay or thought about visiting your treating physician or hospital. The condition in the leg could be a simple infection or limb and life-threatening sepsis with uncontrolled diabetes. It has to be evaluated and appropriate medicines and any surgical procedure be carried out.

3. There is a painful lump/swelling in my lower abdomen and continuous vomiting for one day.

The swelling you are mentioning could be an obstructed or complicated Inguinal Hernia, which requires an immediate operation, or your intestines may get strangulated and lead to the removal of the same and delayed recovery and complications. It is important to remember that wearing a belt or assuming it gets cured by itself can lead to serious health issues.

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